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October 12, 2011

KAMLOOPS Adrian Dix, the chief architect of the 1990's NDP government, is in town and it's time for him to be honest about his plan to recklessly raise taxes to pay for pet projects and reward his public sector union bosses.

"The taxman cometh," says Kamloops-South Thompson MLA Kevin Krueger.

"Adrian Dix and the BC NDP want to keep their plans to hike taxes back up to the stratospheric levels of the '90s a secret. They didn't count on Tom Friedman pulling back the curtain to reveal their scheme."

In an interview on August 26th, Friedman was discussing how to address the revenue challenges expected in the wake of the decision to return to the PST.

Friedman said, "There are other taxes. The HST and the PST were not the only alternatives. There are income taxes. There's corporate taxes."

On top of this are comments from Susan Lambert, president of the BC Teachers' Federation, one of Dix's major financial backers. While appearing before the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services on September 15th, she said that "government revenue must be increased" and proposed a personal income tax increase of 25 percent.

"High personal and corporate taxes are precisely the last thing British Columbia needs during this time of global economic uncertainty," says Krueger. "Dix's approach was disastrous the last time he was in charge 50,000 people, or over half the population of Kamloops, left British Columbia looking for opportunities elsewhere. We simply cannot afford such irresponsible job-killing policies again.

B.C.'s economic growth has exceeded the national average over the past ten years, thanks to 100 tax cuts for working families and small businesses since 2001.

"This government's prudent fiscal management and strong stewardship of the economy is why we have regained our AAA credit rating and why we're much better positioned to weather these stormy times," says Krueger. "The BC NDP have voted against every single tax cut we've made, and now Friedman's comments indicate they want to crank taxes back up to '90s levels.

"It's time for Adrian Dix to quit being secretive about his plans to raise taxes. British Columbians have the right to know Dix is auditioning for the role of taxman. Does he agree with the call for drastically raising personal income taxes or not?"

Adrian Dix's high-tax job-killing agenda is a blast from the past Kamloops and the rest of the province simply can't afford.

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